Sunday, October 16, 2016

Garden Water Hose with Nozzle Sprayer and Tap

About the Product

Heavy duty, flexible PVC garden hose - This premium, high quality garden hose kit has a strong, thick, hard wearing, tough outer layer that withstands high water pressure. The outer layer also has high UV resistance and heat resistance to prevent cracks and damage, providing increased safety and durability.

This hose is designed to withstand temperatures from 23-140 Fahrenheit (-5 to 60 Celsius)
Includes nozzle and connector fittings - This complete set includes a garden hose nozzle spray with adjustable flow control, 3/4"~1/2" tap connector, 1/2" hose connector and 1/2" stop connector. Simply connect to your faucet and it is ready for use.

Resists kink, tangles and twists - The inner braided layer is flexible, extra durable and also prevents kinks. Creston offers 50 foot and 100 ft variations with 1/2 inch diameter. Perfect to provide irrigation to your gardens outside or even indoor.

Lightweight - making it easy to handle and maneuver for men, women and kids. Best for watering your lawn or garden, cleaning the yard, car wash in your garage, washing dogs and pets, watering livestock in your farm, camping and more.

I was sent this product for free in exchange for my unbiased review.

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