Monday, October 24, 2016

Live Infinitely Double Camping Hammock

This hammock is gigantic. Easily fits two adult size people and then some but the manufacturer probably wouldn't recommend any more than that. These things pack up tiny-we're talking the size of a small lunch box. They dry fast, they're comfortable and relatively easy to hang as long as you've got a few trees. Great for a little park relaxation or alternative camping bed. Although, maybe don't plan on sharing any overnighters in this baby with anybody. You both drift toward the middle and it gets extra cuddly.

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6 Piece Knife Set with Clear Thin Stand by El Perfecto Kitchen

I have a very small kitchen, so I love anything that not only works well but looks beautiful while doing it. These knives arrived beautifully packaged, the knife block is easy to assemble. The knives are sharp and have stayed sharp. They look lovely perched up the counter top. Great purchase!

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Native Spring Cheese Grater With Rotary Blades

I have seen these used in restaurants and thought how handy they were but didn't realize I could get one for home use. I recently started buying the chunks of Parmesan cheese to use on dishes at home and used a regular straight grater. Once I saw I could get this, I ordered right away. It works perfectly!

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Monday, October 10, 2016

13-in-1 (2PACK) Skull & Black Seamless Motorcycle Neck Warmer

Love the mask! Easy to wear and to put on and love the fabric. So easy to breathe through. Thought the fabric might be thick and was worried about sweating too much but they turn out perfect and the design was just awesome! Wore it riding bikes with my friends and everyone loved it! Will re-order another one.

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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Oval Proofing Basket Set by Bread Story - 10 Inch

Great basket – Very well made brotform, perfect for proofing loaves. Flouring the basket (I use rice flour) works well for fairly wet doughs and for really wet doughs the optional cloth liner does the trick.

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Berlando- White and Gray Newborn Baby Blanket

 Perfect size and weight. Not to light not to heavy. Looks and feels so soft like someone made it. Washes very well. My son carries it everywhere he's 18 months and it covers him up perfectly. Great price and quality. Would make a perfect gift for any baby.

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Friday, October 7, 2016

Moni's Cozy Kitchen Tempered Glass Cutting Board

Egg Tray Fridge Storage Box

Your Perfect Grab-and-Go Diaper Bag #cipuUS

We've used this for around a month and we love it. The size is perfect for a change of clothes, bottles, formula, water, diapers, wipes, blankets and even a small toy. But it's still small enough to comfortably tote around. I really can't imagine why you would need a bigger diaper bag. It has the dedicated compartments that other diaper bags have and more. I like that a changing pad is included with the bag, and can be used separately later on with other bags. We're on the go all the time - parks, restaurants, even airplanes - it works in all situations. Looks good, doesn't show dirt. I really love this bag. This bag comes with so many extras! This make a great baby shower gift!

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Tedgem Bike Lock Blue

This is a great lock if you need quick access or aren't too worried about the area you will be locking up too. The flexible cable with smooth, soft casing doesn't scratch your bike at all and can be folded around your frame easily, but still keeps its shape. I personally loop it twice under my seat and only takes about 5 seconds to take off my bike and to put it back on. I would not trust this lock in high-crime areas because it seems like you could pop it pretty easily if you knew what you were doing. But if you are just running quick errands or live in a low-crime area then this is an awesome lock.

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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Kuuk Fridge Freezer Stackable Storage Boxes

I use these bins, stacked, to organize items in a compact space on the top shelf of the refrigerator. This arrangement is useful for storing items that are not accessed frequently in the bottom bin and grouping small items for easy access in the top bin. I would recommend for refrigerator organization.

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Heka Living "Decora"- Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser

If I could have one in every room of my house I absolutely would. They fill the room with a warm, not overbearing, scent. Regular diffusers heat the oils and change their aroma. This naturally distributes them into the room using water, keeping them pure.  I use it practically everyday. I LOVE the modern ceramic design of the diffuser, it blends perfectly with my modern decor. I Absolutely Love It!  I'm very happy with the effective of the diffuser and will recommend it to all friends and family.

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Fruit Slicer Set of 5

I have used this many times since I ordered it. My family loves fruit and vegetables, so it saves me a lot of time slicing things! I love the fact that you get 5 different items with this set. My favorite has to be the watermelon slicer. Cuts food prep time down by at least half. Good quality great value with the variety that you get with this set. This is a great product for a single person or even a family. Easy to rinse and clean and easy to use. This set would make a great gift.

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Apie Wireless Bluetooth Headphone with Mic Sport

I've been waiting for wireless earbuds that were not clunky and didn't hurt my ears with the design. The wait is over!! I've spent more money than I'd like to admit buying headphones and earbuds over the years, and for what these are I'm simply blown away. I've tried many different wireless options, but these virtually disappear when wearing them. They are super comfortable, and the sound is clean with good bass and mids at every level, even call quality is great. The first thing I did was charge them to 100% which just took minutes. I connected the Bluetooth to my phone without me having to change anything in my settings! I couldn't wait to let my boyfriend hear them. When he finally did, I couldn't get them back from him. He is now wanting a pair for himself. We even tried out voice calls and the sound was crystal clear from the other side of the house. These are worth every penny! 
These headphones will not disappoint. They are very comfortable to wear. The clarity, bass, and rich full tones are more than enough to fill my workout and working around the house and yard needs.

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TedGem Stainless Steel Potato Masher

Absolutely wonderful product. This is just what I wanted! You can tell from the photo how heavy-duty this potato masher is. This thing is heavy and durable. Great for destroying your whole potatoes and converting them into mashed. Good size grates so it doesn't liquify the potatoes, still, leaves a few chunks in there to remind your friends and family that they're done by hand from real potatoes and not from a box. It works very fast and cleans up so easy that a little spray work keeps it new.

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