Thursday, August 25, 2016

VASO VM690 PCM Digital Voice Recorder Grey 8GB

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About the Product

● High Quality Record Mode Supported: PCM 1536Kbps up to 22 hours, HQ 128Kbps up to 560 hours.
● Great Compatibility: MP3, WAV output formats, support up to 32GB SD card and plug in microphone for professional use.
● Super Easy To Use with malfunctions: MP3 function, USB function, press to record with loud speaker, high quality microphone, SD card slot, schedule recording, call recording, voice activation recording.
● Slim Portable Design: 0.29 inch thin aluminum alloy case.
● Ideal for Most Recording Environment: classroom, meeting room, outdoor, theater, and so on.

Main Features:
● Rechargeable build-in battery can record in SQ 64Kbps mode up to 560 hours, PCM 1536Kbps mode up to 22 hours.
● Built in 8GB memory, support expandable SD card up to 32GB.
● Can be used as a USB drive and MP3 player.
● Voice Activation Mode, when enabled recorder will automatically start the recording once the sound level is loud enough.
● Support ALC: automatic level control, automatic control the sound gain range and Voice Record Control.
LPCM Compression recording technology.
● Smart power control with low power usage.
● Built-in omnidirectional condenser stereo microphone, HI-FI speaker, plug in microphone supported.
● Support call recording, voice recording, and scheduled recording.
● Multi player mode supported when playback, variety of audio mode, A-B repeat function.
● Highlight OLED display with password lock function, prevent unauthorized download or delete.

Product Description:
VM690 is a world class high quality PCM Digital Voice Recorder with 0.29 inch thin aluminum alloy case and expandable SD card slot. Support 1536Kbps PCM record mode, HQ record mode, SQ record mode, USB Drive mode, MP3 player mode, and plug-in microphone. It is deal for daily recording and professional recording use.

Product Dimensions:
Product Size: 9.8x3.9x0.745 cm
Product Weight: 0.045 kg
Package Size: 17.0x9.6x5.6 cm
Package Weight: 0.209 kg

Retail Price: $49.99
Discounted Price: $9.99

I was sent this product for free in exchange for my unbiased review.

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  1. Does this VASO play back in stereo or mono? I want to know before I order it from Amazon Shopping.
    I have ordered four similiar off brands from Amazon that sported two microphones but were mono.
    Stereo is the sound is split and comes out of both speakers.
    Monoural or mono is the sound is not split but still comes out of both speakers